Weekly Akhbar-e-Jehan Magazine 16-22 July 2018

Weekly Akhbar-e-Jehan 16-22 July 2018 Largest Circulated Urdu Family Magazine Owned by Jung Group of Newspapers, Akhbar-e-Jehan is the best-selling news and entertainment magazine in the entire country. As well; published from Lahore, Punjab, this omnipresent weekly magazine from Pakistan comes with a color of literalism that satisfies always curious peasants. But, to classify this weekly in a category of soft gender will be an absolute injustice for the Akhbar and Jahan of ample caliber and balanced.

Even though ‘she’ is a primary audience, there are many things that the pages have to offer the man and the child. There are special reports on current issues. There are personalized children’s corners like Bazm-e-Atfal (The Children Fest), quotes that interest little angels, riddles and riddles, jokes of cherubs that no doubt make them laugh, and again, what not!

Weekly Akhbar-e-Jehan 16-22 July 2018

Weekly Akhbar-e-Jehan 16-22 July 2018

Weekly Akhbar e Jehan marvelously combines cost-effectiveness with quality. There is a wide variety of information and entertainment, in addition to the average pocket size. Readers can access the pages online at ‘www.akhbar-e-jehan.com’. Interestingly, the magazine is the quintessence of an ‘Urdu Magazine’. Whether in print or online, the linguistic medium has received the most attention. And this is where the magazine can develop the brand association with the target audience. To keep it contemporary in its focus, continuous improvement is still the core of the magazine.

Weekly Akhbar-e-Jehan 16-22 July 2018 Recently, Facebook and the Twitter section have been added, which establish and analyze the famous tweets from around the world that interest the reading club. Readers can also give their opinion, leave a comment, share their dreams and interact effectively and efficiently. The experts in your zodiac, your dreams, and your taste buds are at your entire disposal. And you do not need to go that far. All you need to do is look for a hard copy, or even that is difficult, you need to go soft, it’s just an agile click away.


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