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If you’re a Medical Student just go through here about Best Medical Textbooks 2022. provides you with all Medicine & Health Science Books for Medical Students. So, go through the complete article to know more about Best Medical Textbooks. And, all the Best Medical Books for Students were provided here with the Amazon links.

The study of Medical called Medicine. That which deals with the fields of health & healing. This will cover the treatment, prevention of diseases, medical research & other many aspects of health. And, Conventional modern medicine is sometimes called allopathic medicine.

Best Medical Textbooks 2022 Of All Time You Must

The doctor is like a lifesaver to all of us. Doctors know that medicine is not only fixing a problem & also focusing on the person along with the diseases. So, all the Top Famous Medical Textbooks bring us back to the reality of teaching particular things with the practicals as well. So, read the complete details here about Best Medical Textbooks.

Some frequently Asked Questions:

  • What was the first medical textbook?
  • What reference book do doctors use?
  • What books should all medical students read?
  • Which book do Harvard Medical Students read?

Top 7 Medical TextBooks

A list of General Medicine Books was also listed outed here below. This Medical Science deals with the life & death matter between the doctor & patient. Any medical student or those who want to consider studying medicine can go through the below mentioned Popular Medical Textbooks. Top Medical Books for Beginners was also provided.

Book Title Author Price

Medical Terminology

David Andersson, M. Masternbjork


Textbook of Medical-Surgical Nursing

Dr. Janice L Hinkle PhD RN CNRN


Drug Handbook

Lippoincott Williams & wilkins


Textbook of Respiratory Medicine

Joel D Ernst, V. Courtney Broaddus MD


Medical Physiology

John E. Hall Ph.D, Michaael E. Hall


Basic Pathology

Abul K. Abbas, Jon C. Aster MD PHD


Atlas of Human Anatomy

Frank H. Netter MD

Best Medical Books Authors

Best Medical Textbooks & Its Authors: All the references books & junior doctors are also very important. And, here are some of the best authors for Medical Books was listed:

  • Anne Fadiman
  • Atul Gawande
  • Lewis Thomas
  • Oliver Wolf Sacks
  • David Andersson, M. Masternbjork
  • Dr. Janice L Hinkle PhD RN CNRN
  • Lippoincott Williams & wilkins
  • Joel D Ernst, V. Courtney Broaddus MD
  • John E. Hall Ph.D, Michaael E. Hall
  • Abul K. Abbas, Jon C. Aster MD PHD
  • Frank H. Netter MD

Top Publishers – Medicine

Publishers may a crucial role. They only promote the Top Authors books for students. So, here we have been covered the Top Publisher for Medical book was covered.

  • Springer Publishing
  • Routledge
  • F.A. Davis
  • Jessica Kingly Publishers

1. Medical Terminology

Book TitleMedical Terminology
Book AuthorDavid Andersson, M. Masternbjork
Book PublisherIndependently published
Book DescriptionThis book contains totally, 182 pages.
Book Price$19.99

This book was mainly focused readability. And, which was easy on training guide & review. Medical Terminology is a basic fundamental part of any medical career. And, this book was published on Nov 14th, 2016. Author makes the students to understand in a very easy manner.

2. Textbook of Medical-Surgical Nursing

Book TitleTextbook of Medical-Surgical Nursing
Book AuthorDr. Janice L Hinkle PhD RN CNRN
Book PublisherLWW
Book DescriptionLWW was the publisher of this book. And, this book was published on Nov 15th, 2017.
Book Price$51.23

Medical Surgical Nursing book includes & update the concepts of HIV infection & AIDS content. And, this book contains the following updated topics like Immunologic Function, Digestive & Metabolic, Endocrine, etc… And, the author was provided you clinically relevant content of critical care information throughout the book.

3. Drug Handbook

Book TitleDrug Handbook
Book AuthorLippoincott Williams & wilkins
Book PublisherLWW
Book DescriptionGenetic related information, nursing consideration was covered here in this book by Authors.
Book Price$33.00

This Drug handbook was published on May 27th, 2021. New dosages & indication, black box warnings, genetic related information & patient teaching information was mentioned. And, special focuses on canadian drug safety issues & concerns.

4. Textbook of Respiratory Medicine

Book TitleTextbook of Respiratory Medicine
Book AuthorJoel D Ernst, V. Courtney Broaddus MD
Book PublisherElsevier
Book DescriptionThis is the 2 – volume textbook by V. Courtney Broaddus MD which was published on May 31st, 2021.
Book Price$160.00

This Respiratory Textbook covers the common section of presentations of respiratory disease, & new chapters on COVD – 19, etc.. More 14,50 anatomics, radiologic images including CT, MR, HRCT was covered. This eBook allows your access to all of the figures, reporting templates, & references from the book on a variety of devices.

5. Medical Physiology

Book TitleMedical Physiology
Book AuthorJohn E. Hall Ph.D, Michaael E. Hall
Book Publisher Elsevier
Book DescriptionElsevier is the publisher of this book. It contains the 1152 page which was published on Jun 30th, 2020.
Book Price$32.99

Medical Physiology will clear presentation style of single – author & focus on content of most relevant to clinical & pre clinical students.  This 14th edition book shows the information about maximum learning & retention of complex concepts.

6. Basic Pathology

Book TitleBasic Pathology
Book AuthorAbul K. Abbas, Jon C. Aster MD PHD
Book PublisherElsevier
Book DescriptionJon C. Aster MD is the author of this book.
Book Price$23.09

Robbin Basic Pathology covers the clinical features of art diseases with new art work of more schematic diagrams. And, the highlighted morphology, pathophysiology content throughout are the highlights of book.

7. Atlas of Human Anatomy

Book TitleAtlas of Human Anatomy
Book AuthorFrank H. Netter MD
Book Publisher ‎ Elsevier
Book DescriptionTotally this book contains 640 pages.
Book Price$37.42

Author Frank, Netter was highlighted most relevant clinically view of the human body. And, more than 50 new radiological images with the key elements of gross anatomy was provided in this book. This is the seventh edition book. Elsevier is the publisher of this book.

Amazon Deals

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FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

What was the first medical textbook?

For the First Time, the New Medical Textbook was printed in Mexican City. Francisco Bravo’s Opera Medicinalia was published by Pedro Ocharte in 1570.

What books should all medical students read?

Mostly, all medical students will read the list of books like i.e Thinking: Fast & Slow – Daniel Kahneman, When Breath Becomes Air – Paul Kalanithi, Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters at the End – Atul Gawande.

What Reference Books do Doctors use?

Almost all doctors use Physician’s Desk Reference which was the authoritative source on drugs for 66 years. This will be found in every pharmacy, library, clinic, etc..

Which book do Harvard Medical Students read?

Here are some of the initial books for medical students that guide you like Your Brain on Yoga, by Sat Bir Singh Khalsa, MD, with Jodie Gould, Successful Sleep Strategies for Women, by Julia Schlam Edelman, MD.


A List of Most Frequently Recommended Medical Textbooks were covered above. And, if have any doubts about the Best Medical Textbooks 2022 ask us through the comments. And, also don’t forget to subscribe to our website. So, that you will get all latest updates from our site.

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