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In this article, we’re providing you with the Best Chemistry Textbooks 2022. We have planned together to put detailed reviews of some Famous Chemistry Books. This guide for chemistry students will help to choose the best chemistry book for your particular course. Every student’s learning style is different. Some may practice the problems & some may concentrate on the interactive content. So, these are the best tool to learn chemistry for everyone.

“What is Chemistry? “Exactly, means it is the branch of science that deals with the composition, structure of elements, compounds, etc… The study of chemistry involves the change of color, shape & size. It is a set of substances i.e The food we eat & the cosmetics we use or medicines. All these undergo a chemical reaction.

Best Chemistry Textbooks 2022 of All Time You Must Read

Best High School Chemistry Textbook was also provided. So, here are all the Best Chemistry Textbooks. If you’re are chemistry student or instructor at the high school or university all the below provided were so helpful to learn chemistry or for teaching purposes as well.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Which book is better for chemistry.
  • Can you self study chemistry.
  • Is Pradeep chemistry enough for JEE.
  • What is the best chemistry book for beginners.

Top Chemistry Books

Best Chemistry Textbook for self-study was available here for the beginners as well. And, all these kinds of books will help you to learn chemistry. So, check out all those Most Popular Chemistry Textbooks.

Book Title Author Price

Chemistry For Dummies

John T. Moore


Chemistry: The Central Science

Theodore Brown, Bruce Bursten, Catherine Murphly



Karen Timberlake


Organic Chemistry

Leroy Wade, Jan Simek


Everything You Need to Ace Chemistry

Workman Publishing, Jennifer Swanson


General Chemistry

Raymond Chang, Kenneth Goldsby


Chemistry: Structure & Prppereties

Nivaldo Tro

Recommended Authors

Antoine Lavoisier is the Father of Modern Chemistry. He Introduced the Law of Conservation of Mass, & combustions which are caused by chemical reactions with what he named as “Oxygen”. We have been listed some of the best Authors below:

  • Peter Atkins
  • Linus Pauling
  • Jonatham Clayden
  • Peter Sykes
  • John T. Moore
  • Theodore Brown, Bruce Bursten, Catherine Murphly
  • Karen Timberlake
  • Leroy Wade, Jan Simek
  • Workman Publishing, Jennifer Swanson
  • Raymond Chang, Kenneth Goldsby
  • Nivaldo Tro

Top Publishers

Best chemistry textbooks for high school. So, the list mentioned below is the top chemistry textbook publishers.

  • Pearson
  • Relx Group
  • Bertelsman
  • Thomas Reuters

1. Chemistry For Dummies

Book TitleChemistry For Dummies
Book AuthorJohn T. Moore
Book PublisherFor Dummies
Book DescriptionThis book will cover basic chemistry principles.
Book Price$11.40

This book covers almost 384 pages. John T. Moore earned the Master’s Degree in Chemistry. And, covers the chapters like Installing an R Distribution, and Getting Startted with the Math Basics, etc…

2. Chemistry: The Central Science

Book TitleChemistry: The Central Science
Book AuthorTheodore Brown, Bruce Bursten, Catherine Murphly
Book Publisher Pearson
Book DescriptionAccurate, data-driven authorship with expanded interactivity leads to greater student engagement
Book Price$21.49

By this Chemistry: The Central Science book you can learn how does photosynthesis relates to solar panel technology. And, at what temperature does CO2 freeze. And, the author has been expanded the key of concepts & encouraged the students.

3. Chemistry

Book TitleChemistry
Book AuthorKaren Timberlake
Book PublisherPearson
Book DescriptionMore than one million students have learned chemistry by the Karen. Using Texts, laboratory manuals, study guides as well.
Book Price$39.70

Chemistry: An Introduction to General, Organic, & Biological Chemistry is the 13th Edition. Author Karen Timberlakes engages the students with her friendly interaction style, presenting the connections between the structures & behavior of matter and its role in the environment & health. Students can also develop their problem-solving skills by understanding the concepts & sample problems.

4. Organic Chemistry

Book TitleOrganic Chemistry
Book AuthorLeroy Wade, Jan Simek
Book PublisherPearson
Book DescriptionThe Author Wade went to Harvard University & served as the Head Teaching Fellow for the organic laboratories.
Book Price$42.66

The Organic Chemistry book is completely based on Organic Compounds based on the chemistry of carbon. And, the carbon structure will result in the three-dimensional connection of atoms. This process is called photosynthesis converts carbon dioxide & water to oxygen.

5. Everything You Need to Ace Chemistry

Book TitleEverything You Need to Ace Chemistry
Book AuthorWorkman Publishing, Jennifer Swanson
Book PublisherWorkman Publishing Company
Book DescriptionPaperback contains upto 528 pages. And, this book was published on Sep 1st, 2020.
Book Price$8.47

This Big fat notebook was covered a lot of high school chemistry class including topics like Bonding, pH scale, Quantum theory, the periodic table, etc… Workman publisher company has been producing award winning cookbook, children’s titles as well as humor, self help & business books from since 1969. This will entertain readers around the globe.

6. General Chemistry

Book TitleGeneral Chemistry
Book AuthorRaymond Chang, Kenneth Goldsby
Book PublisherMcGraw Hill
Book DescriptionLanguage of the book is English. And, the hardcover contains about 848 pages.
Book Price$11.99

General Chemistry: The Essential Concepts is the fifth edition book contains of all tradition presenting material that is essential for one year. This theory & application was explained in a real world application as well. All three dimensional molecular & atomic structures are the basis of chemical activity was explained.

7. Chemistry: Structure & Prppereties

Book TitleChemistry: Structure & Prppereties
Book AuthorNivaldo Tro
Book PublisherPearson
Book DescriptionNivaldo Tro was honoured Ph.D. in chemistry from Stanford University.
Book Price$23.99

Chemistry: Structure & Properties emphasizes the relationship between atomic & bonding. This book was organized to present a chemistry a logical, cohesive story from the macroscopic, microscopic. New concepts videos, newly interactive conceptual connections were also embedded.

Amazon Deals on Chemistry Textbooks

Chemistry Textbook online was also available. Chemistry Textbook for Undergraduate and Graduate Courses with the Kindle Options are also available. eTextbook, Hardcover was also provided for the students. And, Free Return ship was also provided by Amazon for the students at the end of the semester. And, you may also check the other sellers as well as how much that there are selling. Chemistry Textbooks for Free will also be available.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

Which book is better for Chemistry?

Focus on High Schook Chemistry Textbook is the best overall book. And, the H20: A Biography of Water is also the best to book for Chemistry.

Can you self study chemistry?

Yes, by Reading of variety of chemistry books you can self-learn chemistry books. You can learn chemical formulas, reactions as well. And, also the advanced concepts of chemistry by taking online courses.

Is Pradeep chemistry enough for JEE?

No, because Pradeep contains only unnecessary stuff & simple problems.

What is the best chemistry book for beginners?

Here are some of the best chemistry books for beginners i.e Chemistry Workbook for Dummies with Online Practice. Chris Hren, Peter, Chemistry Made Easy, Introductory Chemistry.


Above mentioned complete information is all about Best Chemistry Textbooks 2022. You make also make a bookmark of this article. So, that you can read at any time you want. Best Chemistry Textbooks Undergraduate was also covered.

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